Classified Ad Submission

We are pleased to offer this service (currently free) to members of ASHS and to horse-related commercial interests.

Our website is primarily for new Zealand audiences, but also attracts international visitors, giving your ad considerable potential "reach."


Terms & Conditions of Classified Advertising

  • All advertising is entirely at your own risk.
  • ASHS NZ Branch accepts no responsibility for any action, consequence or loss whatsoever occasioned through the posting of an advertisement on this website.
  • Ads are accepted, rejected, published and withdrawn entirely at the discretion of the ASHS-NZ webmaster.
  • Ads may be edited for clarity or grammar. You will be emailed a copy of the amended ad prior to publication.
  • You understand and accept that ads are visible worldwide.
  • You understand and accept that any contact information you choose to provide in the ad is visible worldwide.
  • Any content not visible in the ad is subject to our Privacy Policy, and will not be shared or passed on except where required by law
  • ASHS NZ BRanch will co-operate fully with any police or other authroities who may investigate your ad or the items advertised for sale, including providing the authority with your name and contact details.
  • All decisions by ASHS NZ Branch are final.

Classified Ad

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