Membership 2019

This website will continue to grow and add interest as time goes on.  One of the areas we would like to add is a section for readers and members:  new Membership for 2019 and horse registration forms.  These will be uploaded shortly.

The benefits of membership for NZ owners and riders:  the Branch is continuing to grow and move forward.  Cattle training days and other training days have small costs associated with the running of such events.  In order to provide these fun and interesting days, the Committee try to ensure that members have a very small outlay for the training they receive.  Often there is a cost associated with facilities we use.

Membership 2019 offer:  if you have attended a recent training day and paid a day membership; keep a copy of your form and send it with your NEW membership form to the Society.  You will receive the paid day membership off your new membership.  That is a $40 saving.  It also means that you will receive full International membership which includes the Society Journal and a huge reduction in training day fees.