International Teleconference

Head Office (ASHS Scone)  are pleased to forward the Agenda to International Members and are looking forward to discussing the Agenda Items;  and formulating a specific plan so that we can all work together on priorities whereby the growth of the Breed and the Society can proceed with the best outcomes in each country.

We believe this is a positive step to being able to put forward suggestions to the ASHS Board to enable us to meet our long term goals and criteria that is needed for growth and sustainability.

The teleconference is scheduled for: Wednesday, 25th September 2019 at 10.00am AEST (12 pm NZ time)

It is worthwhile noting that many other International Branches have the exactly the same issues that this Branch faces.  These are raised by members for discussion in the Agenda sent to those interested in attending the teleconference.
Any Branch member interested in seeing the Agenda, or participating in the teleconference, please contact the Branch President Paddy Cornelius or email Cathy Findlayson direct at: